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April Security Challenge

Many organisations are suddenly having to massively expand their remote working footprint. The April Security Challenge is a call to mid-sized cybersecurity solution vendors that can help people suddenly faced with standing up remote working regain control of their environments. To take part, each vendor needs to put forward a tool they ordinarily charge for, for free, for the rest of April. The List Below is a list of vendors that are making one of their products completely free for April 2020.

Finding Pwned Passwords in Active Directory

Weak and pwned passwords accounted for 73% of breaches in the last year, as reported by Verizon and Rapid7. Do you know how many of your users are using a blacklisted password? If you test user passwords, you’ll know Microsoft has never made it easy. There are always tricks to export password hashes but each method has its pros and cons. Why? The New NIST Password Guidelines make sensible new recommendations.