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Password Enforcement Made Easy

Our 3:30 video shows you how to protect your organization from pwned passwords in minutes.

What Our Customers Say About

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“Set and forget for password improvement”Rick H. IT Director
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“Huge impact without huge work”IT Director And ISO, USA
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Get a personal tour of, detailed pricing and all the info you need to decide if is right for you.

All we need are your name, email address, and if you have it, the number of live AD user Objects you'd like to protect. Run this powershell command to find out how many objects you have:

(get-aduser -filter *|where {$_.enabled -eq “True”}).count
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Deploy in under 5 Minutes is designed to be easily deployed. Just follow the installer and your users are protected from the next reboot. blocking a password change being reported in Windows Event Viewer.

Hassle Free Management

If all you want to do is just block pwned passwords your work ends at deployment and testing. But what if you want more?

Need to integrate with a SIEM? Password change actions are logged to the Windows Event Log.

Need overrides, exclusions or wordlists? Just add or change text files. No restart needed. protects accounts and stays out of the way.

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Why You’ll Love

Save Money solves the pwned password problem at a reasonable price.

Save Time

Start protecting users in under 5 minutes with our hassle free install.

Save Pain

Use Pwncheck to track legacy, shared and pwned passwords.

Windows Native

Use Powershell and Windows Event Logs to manage

Plays Well With Others works well with Office365, Azure-AD or air-gapped networks.

Text-Based Management

Exclusions, wordlists and configuration settings use text files for easy automation.

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How Much Is It? Professional’s pricing depends on the number of Active Directory objects present. Enterprise factors in advanced features including custom builds. Pro + Enterprise
PriceFrom $1200/yrFrom $2250/yrPOA
Offline Checks
LSA Protected Mode Support
Community Support
Email Support
Phone Support
Offline Licensing
Multi-Domain Licensing
Pwncheck IncludedOne report / DB UpdateMonthly ReportsUnlimited
Full Policy Customization
Whitelisting and Overrides
“Dry Run” Mode
Custom Builds
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Get The Full Package

Pwncheck is included with Enterprise subscriptions. is the best Active Directory password filter. Pwncheck is the best Active Directory password audit tool.

Use to automatically stop users from choosing pwned passwords and automate Pwncheck to stop users sharing passwords.

When used together, and Pwncheck make pwned passwords history.