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Find Pwned Passwords Before They Find You

The fastest way to audit Windows passwords. Results in under 3 minutes. Watch the video to see it in action or try the free version for yourself.

What Our Customers Say About Pwncheck

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“They didn’t have this when we implemented, but they now have Pwncheck. You should invest in that software so no one slips through the cracks! We had a few, and got pinned on a security check!”James G.
Test Drive Pwncheck

The best way to find out if pwncheck is right for you is to try it out. Use the download button below to try Pwncheck's free version with absolutely zero strings attached, no form entry required.

If you'd like to test drive the full version fill in the form and we'll send you a single-use evaluation licence (normally $150, €120 or £100).

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Pwncheck free report

Getting Started

If you just need basic user stats, You can download Pwncheck free and get results in seconds. You don’t even need a licence.

Just download pwncheck, enter the details and it’ll generate a HTML report in seconds. If you need more info the full report can be unlocked for $150, €120 or £100.

Pwncheck full report

Going Pro

You could run pwncheck manually but enterprise deployments are as easy as 1-2-3. You’ll need a licence but it saves way more time than it costs.

  1. Download Pwncheck
  2. Schedule Pwncheck
  3. Use post-hooks to automate actions

That’s it. That’s fully automated regular password audits solved forever in 3 simple steps.

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Why You’ll Love Pwncheck

Incredibly Easy To Use

No Install and no reboots. Just run Pwncheck straight from the network.

Faster Than Light

Find out which users have breached passwords in seconds, not hours.

End Weak Passwords

Integrate with Enterprise to end weak passwords.

Runs non-interactively

Need regular audits? Run pwncheck as a scheduled task and you’re done.

Automate Actions

Use post hooks to create tickets, contact users or disable accounts.

Leverages Safe APIs

Pwncheck uses safe, standard APIs to access data and plays well with DCs.

Get The Full Package

Pwncheck is included with Enterprise subscriptions. is the best Active Directory password filter.

Use to automatically stop users from choosing weak passwords and automate Pwncheck to stop users sharing passwords.

When used together, and Pwncheck make weak passwords history.