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Getting Started with®

Installing® is quick and simple. You can be up and running in about five minutes.

This video walks you through installing, configuring and testing®.

We recommend you read the rest of this page and our full documentation before you start, to avoid any surprises.

Before you install

To install®, you need the following:

  • A 64-bit Windows Server Installation
  • It needs to be installed on all Domain Controllers (except Read Only ones if you have any).
  • No client-side software is required
  • Access to an admin account.


Download® from our site using the following link:

The software is distributed as a Windows Installer (MSI). The Binary is signed by Matta Consulting Ltd. To verify the integrity and authenticity of the download, right-click on the MSI file and select Properties -> Digital Signatures. This will let you verify the authenticode signature.

Common reasons for verification failure include:

  • Inaccurate server time
  • Missing or untrusted Certificate Authority
  • Missing windows patches that may affect verification
  • Tampered or corrupted download.

If verification fails, do not install the software.

Once the installer has been verified, double click it to start the install. Read and accept the EULA to continue and click Next to install®.

Finally, reboot the server to complete the installation.

The defaults should be fine for most use cases. To configure extra settings such as exclusions or overrides, consult the full documentation.

Testing it all works

After the reboot, to test that everything is working, try setting a password to Password1. This is a nine character password with mixed case alphanumeric characters that meets Windows Server’s default complexity requirements. If the password is blocked,® is now protecting your system.

In case you’d like to talk to someone® is hassle-free software. It sits in the background ensuring your users don’t pick compromised passwords. If you need any assistance or if you have any feedback we’d love to hear it, you can contact us here.

Extended live support options are available with the Enterprise Plan.