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Pwncheck Announcement 1.0.26

We’re delighted to announce the latest release of pwncheck 1.0.26 – the fastest and safest way to find users with pwned passwords on your Active Directory network, all offline. Some of the latest improvements include: • HiBP V6 support from Troy Hunt (~573M pwned passwords)• Massive speed improvements (now checking approximately 5k passwords/second).• You can… [ read more ]

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Group Policy Objects: How To Define and Manage Them Properly

Group Policy Objects have been an intrinsic part of any Active Directory deployment since they came along with Windows 2000. But given that they have been around for such a long time, it is common to find GPO implementations that are not in the best state of repair. In this article, we will cover some quick and easy ways to try and get back on top of them.

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