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safepass.me is a concept brought to you by Matta Consulting Limited, an Active Directory security company.

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In 2018 safepass.me was born. Our goal is simple: eradicate the use of weak and compromised passwords within Active Directory networks to protect organizations against Password Spraying and Credential Stuffing attacks.

safepass.me® (patent pending) is currently the only fully-offline, efficient and cost-effective solution for Active Directory users to fulfil the new official password guidelines and prevent users from setting a compromised password (a password found in any of the breached database that have leaked online - eg LinkedIn, Adobe, Dropbox, etc).


pwncheck® (patent pending) is the simplest and quickest way to get an overview of how many users on your network are using compromised or weak passwords. We use the most comprehensive and authoritative collection of compromised passwords and pack it in a relatively small self-contained and encrypted binary file using the best algorithms currently available.

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