Eradicate Weak and Compromised Passwords

Our mission is clear, eradicate weak and compromised passwords from being used on Active Directory networks. For organisations needing to protect data, is the password security solution that delivers provably strong passwords, because only combines AI with real breach data to make weak passwords history. is the only solution on the market to protect organisations from pwned (compromised) passwords resulting in credential stuffing and password spraying attacks.

Are your users setting weak and compromised passwords?

Did you know that 81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged either stolen and/or weak passwords?[1] This is why we’ve developed, so that you can eradicate weak and compromised password usage in your Active Directory!

Most comprehensive breached password database collection

We’ve put together the most comprehensive and efficient offline solution for Windows Active Directory users in order to enable enterprises to quickly address weak and compromised passwords. is implemented as a password filter for Microsoft Windows[2] (all 64-bit editions) and includes a superset of the popular Have I Been Pwned database as put together by Troy Hunt. We currently check against 551 Million passwords in a fraction of a second.

Troy Hunt recommends our software in his Have I Been Pwned blog.

Have I been pwned is the largest collection of compromised databases put together by globally recognised security expert Troy Hunt.

NIST and NCSC Password Guidelines and compliance

By implementing on your network your organisation will be compliant with the latest NIST Special Publication 800 63b, will simplify your password policy as a result and will reduce user frustration.

The latest password guidelines from NIST, recommend the following:

Features & Benefits of using

These are some of the benefits of using within your organisation: comes pre-configured and out of the box it will do its magic in preventing users from using weak and compromised passwords on your network. However, there are some configuration options to enhance its capabilities, such as: