Licensing & Pricing

Free Evaluation

We believe that once you try you’ll never look back, that’s why we provide a free trial of our software. Feel free to download the latest version of There is no license requirement for non-domain attached machines but if you wish to test it within a domain, please contact us to activate your copy. By default we enable it for 14 days but should you need more time please let us know and we’re normally happy to extend.

Licensing and Support is licensed on an annual subscription basis, based on the number of active AD objects and starts at around the price of a coffee per user per year. You can find out how many live AD objects there are in your Domain by running the following PowerShell command:

 (get-aduser -filter *|where {$_.enabled -eq "True"}).count comes in two flavours as we want to ensure that it’s affordable for every organization out there, you can find out more about the different versions here. The pricing starts from the price of a coffee per user per year.

Support is provided as standard with all packages. We tailor for custom support offerings with our Enterprise Edition.